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Including a huge bonus chapter on the Law of Gratitude

Have you ever wondered why the Law of Attraction is just not working for you?


If you have been practising the Law of Attraction without been getting the results you hoped for, it may be because you are consciously only using one of the 12 Universal Laws of Prosperity and Abundance.

If you want to win a game, you need to know the rules, If you want to know the rules of the game, you need to study them.  

I have made knowing and understanding the 12 Universal Laws of Prosperity and Abundance easy from my own personal experience of getting it wrong. 

Once you understand these 12 Laws, you can manifest ANYTHING you want in YOUR life. 

Not fully understanding these Universal Laws may be why you have experienced debt, unfulfilled relationships, dissatisfaction at your job, and ill-health.

If you want a new relationship, more money, a new job, or even freedom from anxiety and depression then start by learning the Laws.

In this course, you will learn how to

Apply all the Universal Laws in order to create freedom, joy, and abundance into your life

Turn on your “money magnet” and draw in abundance—reprogramming at a cellular level

Awaken your money mindset

Allow yourself to receive, believe you deserve, and open yourself to unlimited joy and prosperity

Release your fear of success and failure

Clear beliefs and old programming

Release all doubts and fears to become more powerful and confident


The 12 Laws of Prosperity and Abundance are


1. The Universal Law of Abundance

2. The Universal Law of Attention

3. The Universal Law of Attraction

4. The Universal Law of Clarity

5. The Universal Law of Flow

6. The Universal Law of Giving & Receiving

7. The Universal Law of Intention

8. The Universal Law of Manifestation

9. The Universal Law of Non-attachment

10. The Universal Law of Prosperity

11. The Universal Law of Success

12.The Universal Law of Unlimited Thinking


Includes FREE Bonus Chapter

The Bonus Law: The Law of Gratitude

It is not enough to simply be grateful.  This simple technique will show you how to experience gratitude from a positive vibrational space. 

What you get

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    Welcome message

    • How to get the most from this course

    • Before you start

    • Welcome

    • Introduction to the Universal Laws

    • The FREE wealth and abundance tracker

    • The Law of Manifestation explained

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    12 Universal Laws Explained

    • The Laws

    • The Universal Law of Abundance

    • The Universal Law of Attention

    • The Universal Law of Attraction

    • The Universal Law of Clarity

    • The Universal Law of Flow

    • The Universal Law of Giving and Receiving

    • The Universal Law of Intention

    • The Universal Law of Intention - how to find your big why

    • The Universal Law of Manifestation

    • The Universal Law of Non-Attachment

    • The Universal Law of Prosperity

    • The Universal Law of Success

    • The Universal Law of Unlimited Thinking

    • Congratulations on completing the programme

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    Next Steps...

    • Where are you now?

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    The surprise bonuses

    • The Universal Law of Gratitude - Bonus Content

    • How to design your ideal day bonus video

    • How much do you love YOUR money?


Money mindset mentor

Aoife Gaffney

Aoife Gaffney is a money mindset mentor, best selling author and speaker. She is very camera shy. She works with women to shift limiting beliefs around money. She has 2 addictions, decent coffee and really good broadband. She is usually hiding out in coffee shops, book shops and libraries. When she is not hiding, she is cleaning something. She is a Certified Money Coach, the first one in Ireland, woo hoo. She is a Qualified Financial Adviser (snore), certified life coach, accredited Law of Attraction practitioner and NLP expert. She is the master of slow cooker cooking and enjoys doing DIY badly.

What people are saying

Adaku Ezeudo

Diversity & inclusion consultant

Working with Aoife has been a life changing experience for me. She helped me see the strengths I never saw in myself, she taught me to value myself, she guided me to shift my limiting mind-set and she provided me with resources and materials that helped me learn, develop and grow. I liked the way Aoife kept things real and very practical in her classes; she has a knack for relating with people regardless of their diverse financial experience. I will recommend Aoife at the drop of a hat because she genuinely cares for people and always willing to listen. She is simply amazing.

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